Wedding Dance Classes - Not Available Now

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This is our Special  Low Cost Plan to prepare for a Wedding Reception by attending Group Classes.  If you're expecting to attend a Wedding Reception, you can be prepared with some versatile and respectable dance skills.  Some couples can even learn a nice "First Dance".  Basic Dance Skills are taught on the First Monday of each month at 7:30pm.  Additional Basic Dance Skills and a Plan for a nice "First Dance" are taught on some Saturdays.  These Classes are terrific values for those who like to learn in a Group Class environment.  Each Class is $15 per couple.  Some couples can learn a pretty good "First Dance" in 2 or 3 Classes however start early if possible so you'll have time for 4 or more Classes if you want to be well prepared and confident on your Wedding Day.

You can learn essential building blocks of popular and practical dancing suitable for music that's popular at Wedding Receptions.  Your new skills will develop into admired dance moves and combinations.  Many couples can learn moves that could make an onlooker say "wow!"

If you take one or more of these Classes, you can add a Private Dance Lesson for only $95.  A Private Dance Lesson can help you resolve problems and customize a plan for your personalized "First Dance".

For only $10 more this could be a Great Gift for a Special Someone. Gift Certificates can be sent by e-mail.

Private Dance Lessons help you learn fast, master sophisticated styling details, and effective technique for leading and following. You can choose the kind of dances you want to learn and you can arrange appointments that fit your schedule.

Your instructor will pay attention to your needs and strengths and use methods that quickly produce the best results for you.

If you want a "Crash Course" to get ready for a Wedding or other Special Event, you should start Private Dance Lessons ASAP. A time is probably available for you today. Call 804-377-6947.  If you want to purchase now and start later, just send a message to propose times for your lessons (see more below). 

You can come alone for your Private Dance Lessons or you can bring a partner (no extra charge)

When you complete the purchase process, you will receive a purchase confirmation by e-mail and a copy will be sent to us for our records. You will also receive an e-mail message to help you schedule your lesson times.

Private Dance Lesson Appointments are approximately one hour and can usually be scheduled at times below:

Mondays – last afternoon lesson appointment starts by 6:30pm
Monday nights – Private Lessons can start at 8:30pm or later

Tuesdays – last afternoon lesson appointment starts by 4:45pm
Tuesday nights – Private Lessons can start at 7:00pm or later

Wednesdays – last afternoon lesson appointment starts by 6:00pm
Wednesday nights – Private Lessons can start at 8:30pm or later

Thursdays – last afternoon lesson appointment starts by 4:45pm
Thursday nights – Private Lessons can start at 7:00pm or later

Fridays – last Private Lesson appointment starts by 6:30pm

Saturdays – Private Lessons can start 11:00am until 4:00pm

Sunday evenings – Private Lessons can start from 5:30pm until 7:30pm

Some other times are also possible.

To schedule your Private Dance Lessons or for more information, please contact the Studio Manager,
Sam Atkinson, by e-mail (preferred) or phone using the contact information below.

It’s best to propose more than one time that’s good for your Private Dance Lesson appointment in case your first choice is no longer open.
e-mail (best) -      phone - 804-377-6947

Private Dance Lessons are at the "Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center" located at 2300 John Rolfe Pkwy in John Rolfe Commons Shopping Center with Wendy's and Martins. We're #2300 - 400' to the right of Martins and beside "Pediatric Center".