Sustaining Member Commitment - Auto Pay

Regular price $750.00

This is our Monthly Rental Plan for Sustaining Class A Member Dancers who want to use our Facility for Practice.  This Special Plan requires advance approval by Management and Enrollment in Recurring AutoPay with 90 days advance notice before cancellation.

Waivers of Liability are required that include Acknowledgement and Waiver regarding Infectious Disease Transmission ie. Covid-19

Participants in this plan will be assigned 3 Appointment Slots that repeat weekly.  Member will get a code to enter the West End Ballroom Dance Facility for individual Practice at these times.  Send text to 804-377-6947 to request practice time appointments.

Start any time - renew same day next month.

New resources available for Student Dancers include Video Displays for Instruction Videos from YouTube and other online sources.  Also use our convenient connections to Send your Music and Videos from your Device to our Speakers and Big Screen TVs.

Check in September for new possibilities