Instructor Charge for 60 minute Weekly Dance Class

Regular price $192.00

$192/month in advance  We have some open slots for Group Dance Classes and other Dance Activities managed by a qualified Dance Instructor.  Note Special Rules to promote Safety from Coronavirus Transmission.  (1) Strict Limit of 15 persons in the Facility at any time (excluding Instructor)(2) Everyone inside must always wear Face Mask and use Hand Sanitizer. (3) Maintain Social Distancing of 6 feet.  (4) Everyone who comes inside must sign Waivers of Liability that include Acknowledgement and Waiver regarding Infectious Disease Transmission ie. Covid-19

Our Charge is $192.00 monthly for a 60 minute Weekly Class or Activity.. Only available for Classes or Activities that meet Every Week.  Payment is required in advance.  Instructor is responsible for Safety of all persons inside the Facility during reserved time and for promptly vacating Facility at the end of the reserved time.  Classes and other Activities must be well managed and require no support from West End Ballroom, LLC management.

Please contact our Management by sending an email to  Provide a brief description of your proposed Class or Activity and your preferred day and start time.  Approval by our Management will be likely if your Class or Activity (1) begins after 6:00pm or (2) is not noisy.  Classes that begin earlier must not be disruptive to other Dance Classes or Private Dance Lessons

It may be possible to chain together a series of 45 minute segments for an extended Dance Class 

If your Class or Activity is noisy or otherwise disruptive to other Dance Classes, Private Dance Lessons, or other Activities in our Facility or neighboring units, it will not be permitted to continue. 

If your Dance Class or other Dance Activity is approved, you can use this page to pay the $300.00 monthly charge for a Class with one instructor and 15 or fewer attendees.  If you have more than 15 attendees, you will receive an invoice by email for the additional attendees. $3.00 for each additional attendee.

When you complete the purchase process here, you will receive a receipt by e-mail and a copy will be sent to us for our records.

The "Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center" at 2300 John Rolfe Pkwy in John Rolfe Commons Shopping Center with Wendy's and Publix. We're #2300 beside "Pediatric Center".

John Rolfe Pkwy now connects the Short Pump shopping area to Lauderdale Dr 1 mile from Patterson Ave.   From West Broad Street, it's across from "Target".  From Patterson Ave or Lauderdale Dr,  John Rolfe Pkwy is near "Tuckahoe Village Shopping Center"

From I-64 take exit 180a and drive south 1 mile to Ridgefield Pkwy. Turn right and drive 2.5 miles to John Rolfe Pkwy. Turn right on John Rolfe Pkwy then turn into John Rolfe Commons.

From Rt 288 exit on Patterson Ave (Rt 6) east toward Richmond and drive 2.5 miles to "Tuckahoe Village Shopping Center". Turn left on Lauderdale Dr and go 1 mile and turn right on John Rolfe Pkwy. Go 1 mile on John Rolfe Pkwy and after crossing Ridgefield Pkwy, turn left into "John Rolfe Commons".